Bem-vindo a Angola

The Capcimbo team has recently welcomed Gautier de Warienghen to reinforce our Angolan operation. Gautier is bringing a wealth of experience in the food distribution on the continent and will be in charge of Capcimbo’s operations.

Flying high in Mozambique

Roav7 through our Mozambican subsidiary Capemba is kick starting its drone operation in Mozambique with surveillance work and various offshore technical inspections on the map

Wind of change in Cape Town

The Daron group Technical team, representing 6 countries, France, Gabon, Congo, Angola, South Africa and Mozambique met in Cape Town for a few days to foster and improve our seamless and growing technical services on the Continent.

NGO Project in Mueda

Supply and Installation of accommodation and ablution blocks in Moduco in Mueda, Northern Mozambique.

Concentrated Solar Power farm drone inspection in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Daron Roav7 has recently inspected a CSP tower in the Northern Cape, providing detailed defect report and producing at the same time a 3D model of the massive concrete tower.

Daron Roav7 on Show

Between the 7th and 9th of June , Daron Roav7, our division of Technical inspection by drone showcased at the Cape Town Convention Centre its technology in Asset inspection by drone and Industrial imaging to a large audience of stakeholders in the ever so important electrification and energy sectors in Africa.

Warehouse structure completed in Brazzaville

The structure of our latest project has been erected in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Exciting time for Engineering & Projects team that is very busy during the 20th anniversary of Tristan.

Daron on the Globe

Tristan Shipchandling is proud to service and support the Globetrotter II drill ship, berthed in Cape Town. This drilling ship of 190 meters built in 2013 has the capacity to drill to a depth of 40000 thousand ft!

Exciting project for Interior Design

Exciting times ahead for Tristan Interior Design team, with the shipments of the FF&E for the new Elais Business Centre quickly approaching and due to ship before the end of the year.

Our team has had the privilege of been involved in the design and procurement for the entrance lobbies, office and meeting facilities and the new upmarket restaurant which Elais will be launching early 2017.

A sneak preview of the building, design work shopping with our suppliers and quality checking of the products during manufacturing to ensure specifications are adhered to and the end result is to our clients high standards.